High Voltage Electrical Insulation Testing Service


SBA Testing performs customers six month periodic insulation test in accordance with AS/NZS1418.10.2011 by Electrical insulation testing service. We perform testing from low voltage through to 33 KV,66 KV and 132 KV (Dry and Wet), also across most common insulation voltage ratings. Our testing equipments are capable of performing initial acceptance tests on 132 KV rated EWP testing including vehicles, basket liners ,tool line hoses and oil tests. We have a customer friendly staffs who can monitor your EWP testing timetable and reach you in time to book the next test ensuring our customers machine is safe and hassle free.

We provide a broad range of skills from installation to commissioning LV and HV projects, with the personal touch! We strive to offer the best services at competitive pricing with minimal environmental impact.


Steps for our customers to be done before we test your EWP


  • Clean the inner part and outer part of all your insulating inserts at least 2 days before the HV testing is done. Keep the boom outside in air and allow it to dry.
  • Do not wash the inner part of the boom surfaces , just on the morning we arrive to your place for testing the insulated elevated platform as it will not get dried resulting in test failure.
  • Most electrical equipment manufactures suggest their user to use appropriate cleaning products, low pressure water as most of the pressure cleaners can it forces water into the surface of the fiber glass.
  • Once the cleaning is done, polish the surface of the boom with a appropriate and recommended product to ensure any water beads are present on the surface.
  • Visually inspect the EWP for any damaged or missing shrouds, if there is one then repair or replace them.
  • Ensure whether insulated coating on surfaces which can go above 4.5 m above the ground are undamaged.
  • Check the insulating inserts thoroughly for any chips or damage.

We can tailor a comprehensive asset management and maintenance system to maximise productivity and reduce down time. We work collaboratively with our customers from the initial briefing right through to completion of the project.