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HV Testing


High-Voltage Testing refers to testing electrical safety equipment using a HV test set. A working voltage rating and specified test voltage (exceeding working voltage) are some of the main components which each piece of electrical safety equipment posses. We test the electrical equipment by inducing it in a AC current which is highly accurate. We keep in mind that the testing is done for a safety equipment which is used by workers who may come into contact with live parts

A failed test process is something where when there is a weak point in the electrical safety equipment which is undergoing test , the test current will break through the rubber and trip out the test set. A successful test process is indicated when the measured leakage current is within the allowed tolerances of the applicable standard

We record the test result on the test report and we provide it to the customer mentioning clearly the status of Pass/Fail marking which is according to the applicable standard. On a successful test process, we compare the leakage current readings of the current test process, which is compared with the previous reports of the same testing equipment in order to point out whether the item is deteriorating over time.

Testing Services

Currently we are testing only High & low voltage equipment & Elevated work platforms. But soon we will start performing tests on the following items.

Covers; Rubber goods; Earth cables; Fire extinguishers; Hard Covers; In-Line Cut Outs; Insulators; Basket Liners; Live Line Sticks; Telescopic Measuring Sticks; Vehicle Earths; Earth Mats; Insulated Gloves; Rescue Kits etc.

We will keep updating this space as soon as we start performing the tests on the above listed good.