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Specific conditions that shall be compiled with for this certification to remain valid:

  • No alterations, modif ications and/or signif icant repairs as detailed within the above mentioned standard shall
    be perf ormed on any insulated component.
  • Regular, adequate and ef f ective maintenance of the insulation system as per the manuf acturer’s
    specif ications and as detailed within the above standard, conducted by a suitably competent person.
  • No breach or f ailure of the insulation under operating conditions.
  • When required, unscheduled checks are perf ormed in accordance with the recommendations and procedure
    detailed in the above standards.
  • EWP insulation shall be cleaned and the hydrophobicity maintained on a regular basis to ensure that the
    insulation maintains its designed rating.
  • This EWP is used only within the voltage ratings in the relevant environmental conditions as detailed on this
    certif icate.
  • Inside of boom to be cleaned & oil removed.
  • Should a wet test not be requested by the customer the device should only be used in dry conditions. It must,
    however, be ensured that adequate cover is provided during transport and storage in wet/rainy conditions to
    prevent ingress of water/moisture to inside of boom insulated area.